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Prepping your house for sale is no easy task. You’re often left confused about what to do and where to start. Not to mention the dread attached to digging out the long lost to-do list. You would much rather be planning your fresh start in a new house and ditching any unfinished projects. Close one door before you open another as they say, but in this case you cant just close the door, you have to clean the closet first!

The Pre-Move

Start packing for the big move now. If it isn’t for daily use or doesn’t have visual appeal, pack it up and store it. It will make room for all the daily use items you’ll have to hide away in an attempt to look like a model home. You want to leave empty space in closets, pantries, vanities and cabinets. Living with less can transfer into your new home with ease or you’ll at least know which boxes to unpack first.

Reduce, Reuse, Remove

Take a picture of your space from the furthest corners. Whats the focal point? If your eye is drawn to a grouping in particular most likely it means you have to break it up and reduce. Take an extra chair out of the living room to make it seem larger and put it in the office where the desk seems lonely. When decorating our homes we often want to fill an empty space but for staging to sell sometimes that means removing some of our well thought out decor so the room looks larger.

Neutralize to Sell

Let go of some of your personal style to make room for your buyer’s style. Paint your adored bright accent wall with a neutral, replace your grandmother’s famous needlepoint hanging with a mirror and put a potted plant in place of your tabletop collection of family frames. Anything you may invest in for your sale should be neutral enough to be used in any home, especially your new one!

Keep Calm and Clean House

The most appealing attraction you can offer buyers is the comfort of cleanliness. When everything is pristine, not only does it make everything look more attractive but buyers know you take good care of your home. You’ll want the blinds open and lights on to keep your space bright so a deeper clean is necessary. You may realize the dirt is not coming up from the tile grout and those kind of discoveries are great leads on what to consider updating for your sale.

Finishing Touches

Its time to break out the fine china…well, sort of. Setting your table can make drab dining spaces intriguing, especially when adding small floral arrangements as table decor. Bright white linens rolled or neatly folded give a spa feeling in bathrooms. Adding a basket of seasonal fresh produce in the kitchen gives off instant casual style. Give your bed a hotel makeover with additional pillows to add height and a blanket at the foot of the bed for more depth.

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