Spring Market

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Written by Nick Kellar, Owner & CSO of Atlas Premier Realty Ah, spring.  The time of year the grass gets greener, the weather is warmer, and we get our “honey do” lists together.  Baseball and lacrosse are back, as are grass cutting and allergies.  It also marks the time of year when, traditionally, home buyers… Continued

May 15, 2017

Staging Tips to Carry into your New Home

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Written by Ashley Frush | ASHLEY FRUSH INTERIORS Prepping your house for sale is no easy task. You’re often left confused about what to do and where to start. Not to mention the dread attached to digging out the long lost to-do list. You would much rather be planning your fresh start in a new house… Continued

February 17, 2017

Why you need a lender in your corner…NOW!

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Lenders in general have gotten a bad rap. They are often looked at as the “dream crushers” or “creepy uncles” of the real estate world. They have to know a lot about you and they ask A LOT of questions. Often they ask you the same questions multiple times. They’ll want to know every detail… Continued

March 9, 2015