Home Insurance [Guest Blog]

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When Atlas Premier Realty asked me to write a blog about home insurance I thought it would be a great opportunity to help people understand a very important part of their financial plan.  Specifically asset protection.  As an insurance agent with 12 years of professional experience I talk about the importance of the Homeowners insurance… Continued

July 27, 2016

Who is that Guy on Zillow?

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When a beautiful home catches your eye on Zillow (or Trulia) you may want to find out more information and you see a box that states “CONTACT AGENT” with several pictures or perhaps just one picture.  Who exactly are those people? Unfortunately, Zillow doesn’t give a great explanation as to who those people are or… Continued

June 29, 2016

How to Get Started in Real Estate Investing

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During the last nine years that I’ve been in the real estate industry I’ve witnessed some crazy market swings. I entered the market as an industry professional as the market was peaking in 2007 and have worked through the lows that followed. During each of the phases of the market during my tenure there has… Continued

March 28, 2016

What Exactly Are Short Sales?

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If you have been home searching at any point during the last  ten years, there is a good chance you’ve come across a home listed as a “Short Sale” or “Potential Short Sale.”  Over ten years ago, it would have just been called “upside down” or “selling short” in conversation.  These expressions may still be… Continued

February 11, 2016

The Cost of Buying a House

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In my experience, one of the least talked about hurdles to homeownership is the actual upfront cash needed to purchase a home.  Even if you are asking for closing help (which the environment in our area currently supports) or even if you are using a 0% down loan, such as a VA loan, you will… Continued

January 20, 2016

Are you Ready for the Spring Market?

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Getting your home ready to sell is something most people do not look forward to doing. There is usually a large “to-do” list involved; from simple decluttering to full on renovations. And that list may be the one you’ve assigned to yourself.  Let’s take a moment and be honest. Your home is more than just… Continued

November 13, 2015

The Pitfalls of For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

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I’m sure all of you were very concerned that our monthly blog did not happen in September.  This is because my licensed assistant was in the middle of buying her own home. Against her better judgement she found a place that was being sold without an agent. I’ll let her tell you the rest…  … Continued

October 9, 2015

Need a Contractor? Call Atlas First.

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How many homes do you plan on owning in your lifetime?  I’m 32 and I’m on my third house. While I do not plan on continuing buying homes at this rate, it is approximately two (2) per decade.  However, as a Realtor I can touch two (2) transactions per week. Why does this matter to… Continued

August 7, 2015