Getting your home ready to sell is something most people do not look forward to doing. There is usually a large “to-do” list involved; from simple decluttering to full on renovations. And that list may be the one you’ve assigned to yourself.  Let’s take a moment and be honest. Your home is more than just shelter to you.  You’ve picked out paint colors and furniture to reflect your personality. You’ve adorned it with memories and objects. You have made the house you bought, your home.

Now it is time to reverse all you’ve done, take it back to neutral, and potentially update it to today’s market.  In order to make it appeal to the masses of buyers, your home needs to become just a house again.  It is an emotional event, stripping the house of it’s personality. However, we need to show potential buyers a near-blank canvas so they can picture making it their own. We want buyers to picture themselves in your house, but if your personality is overpowering it will turn them off.  How can they picture their family in your kitchen after walking by your family on the wall?

We acknowledge the process is emotional, but it can also be time consuming, and possibly expensive.

This process is averaging 45 days from the date I meet with Sellers to the time the house actually hits the market. But that is best case scenario. That assumes you don’t have obligations (or a life) outside getting your house ready to list. When I was going to list my own home, I set aside two full months and blocked time on every weekend to complete a project. I found this to be the most effective way to get the home ready and mitigate our stress level.

Where should you start? By calling me.  

Our first meeting will be to establish a baseline idea of what the home is worth, get some paperwork together, and set a timeline of events for listing your home.  In our listing process, we pay a stager to meet with you. As an agent, I walk through all different types of houses on a daily basis with all different types of buyers, and I know where the happy medium falls. I can tell when a house has added value because it has on trend updates and mainstream decor. While I can tell if a house is ready to list, it takes the designer’s eye to help you get there. The stager will give you yet another “to-do” list that can sometimes be lengthy, but will definitely be thorough. Working with her directly, you have the option to rent furniture or decor to finish the look and help increase the value of your house.

When you’ve accomplished what you can, we schedule professional photos. Usually your home will be on the market the next day in order to capitalize on your home being

at it’s absolute peak of perfection.

Give yourself time, minimize the stressful process. Don’t wait until you’re a week or even a month away from when you THINK you’d like to be ready to be on the market. You should be talking with us at least 60 days prior to your target listing date. Call me today if you are thinking about the spring market!

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  1. This “spring market” promotion is really nicely done, Greg! We are back in STX now – low 80’s, some tropical showers, and a pleasant sea breeze. We did enjoy the brisk, blue-sky days in Westminster however.

    Have a wonderful holiday season!

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