How many homes do you plan on owning in your lifetime?  I’m 32 and I’m on my third house. While I do not plan on continuing buying homes at this rate, it is approximately two (2) per decade.  However, as a Realtor I can touch two (2) transactions per week. Why does this matter to you? Because every transaction I touch involves a home inspection that uncovers issues; every transaction involves buyers or sellers with different skill sets; and every transaction brings me in contact with another real estate agent that also has a network of problem solvers.

We keep track of good business owners, honest and trustworthy contractors as well as reputable product and service providers so that we know who to recommend when a service is needed. We also keep track of those to avoid.  Even if you are not in the process of buying or selling your home, you should consider us a first call when you are looking for a recommendation.  We also want to hear from you when you have a stellar experience with a contractor and who you avoid.

But it isn’t just the contractors we keep track of at Atlas. Every transaction puts us in contact with wonderful homeowners or homebuyers who have different skill sets. I don’t want your relationship with Atlas to end after you’ve received your new keys (or turned them over).

Just recently I had home inspection report require my sellers to weld a column to a beam in their basement. The sellers were at a loss. Their sphere of influence did not include anyone capable of doing this. They also didn’t know who to call, but it turns out I have two current clients who are both expert fabricators and welders. I called up my client and we had the beam welded within 48 hours.

Every time we go through a real estate transaction, we have to interface with another real estate agent. It is our job to keep things moving along smoothly. The good agents recognize that everyone is working toward a common goal and that the outcome should be mutually beneficial.  Over the years I’ve developed a network of trustworthy agents, not just in the area, but around the country. When I run out of ideas locally, I have a healthy network of professional colleagues to help me solve problems; And if you are looking for a real estate agent outside of central Maryland, please don’t hesitate to ask me for a referral.

I’d like to end this blog by asking you to support us and other local great business owners by voting in the annual Carroll County Times, “Carroll’s Best” contest. Voting closes on Monday, August 10, 2015.

Here’s who we’re voting for…Please help support these great local business owners and service providers:

Greg Brock, Best Real Estate Agent

Atlas Premier Realty, Best Real Estate Agency


Rafael’s Westminster, Happy Hour, Deck, Nightlife

Liberatore’s, Italian Food

Gracie JiuJitsu, Martial Arts School

IAG Collision, Auto Body

Mercedes Specialist, Auto Repair Facility

Tomlin Technologies, Computer Repair/Store

Fletcher’s Funeral Home, Funeral Home

Nicole Marie’s Beauty Boutique, Salon

Crossfit Retribution, Fitness Center

Troy Slifer, Home Remodeling, Kitchen Remodeling

Perfectly Maid OR Immaculate Clean, Cleaning Service

Justin Hardy, Insurance Agent

Marcia Duffy, Insurance Agency

Instasigns, Sign Shop

Condon’s Auto Parts, Auto Parts

A Quality, Air Conditioning Contractor

Jordan Knox, Electric Contractor

Steven C. Boyer, Landscaper

Cutting Edge Custom Paint, Painting Contractor


Thanks for your continued support!

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