2022 Maryland Home Builder Report

So, if you're a home buyer in the maryland market and you're sick and tired of losing out on all these deals help may be on the way. This seller's market of super low inventory may begin to wane over the next couple of months and into next year as the national Home Builders Association just announced the largest uptick in new home starts in 15 years. Meaning new building permits are getting ready to come online. The reason for that is lumber pricing has plummeted Thirty percent over the last 30 days. So, National Home Builders are locking in their pricing and they're going to get cranking on turning out tons and tons and tons of new construction single-family homes in hopes to ease some of this seller heavy inventory, woes that we've been feeling as buyers in the market place. So, if you're considering buying, give it some time more help is coming.

If you are considering selling do it now while the demand is still sky-high.

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