5 Tips To Reach Closing

The five things you must do to ensure your house reaches closing.

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It's no secret that it’s still a hot seller's market and houses are selling quickly. Traditionally, getting the house sold was the hard part. That’s not the case anymore. The real work happens after you're under contract. Today we’re discussing the five things you need to do to ensure your house gets to the closing table:

1. Carefully consider your sale price. This really comes down to the appraisal. Back your price up with comparables or be able to show value with additions and upgrades that you've done to your property. Make sure your agent is meeting with the appraiser.

2. Look for liens and anything that could affect your title. Doing that up front can avoid delays and any pitfalls down the line while saving you a lot of money.

"If you need to renegotiate, it's usually better than going back into the market."

3. Disclose, disclose, disclose. Be as transparent as you possibly can. If an inspector finds something that you should’ve disclosed to the buyer, it could come back to bite you. Being upfront and honest goes a long way.

4. Be willing to negotiate. Unforeseen things can come up during the appraisal or inspection. Stay unemotional and be reasonable about it. If you need to renegotiate, it's usually better than going back into the market.

5. Limit contingencies. Every contingency is an opportunity for a buyer to back out or to renegotiate, so the fewer contingencies that you have in your contract, the better.

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