Actions Express Priorities

So one of the top core values here at Atlas is taking action. No matter who we're bringing in here, we want to know that you're going to take action. And the reason being is because planning doesn't get anything done. Words don't get anything done. Done.

It's important to speak with conviction, but it's even more important to take action. The best plans don't win. Otherwise the underdog would never be champion. Imperfect action beats a perfect plan. Know what your plan is, but take action.

And be ready to move purposefully. Again, it's not your words that matter. It's your actions that right there, express priorities. So how do you do that? I think the first thing you need to do is clarify your mission.

Know every single day what you're working towards. Clarify it. Say it to yourself. Write it down. It should be everywhere.

Clarify your mission. Know what you're working towards. Number two is know what your priorities are. The objectives are today. Know what the wins are for today.

What is often urgent is seldom important. Yet we jump to the urgent and we push off the important. For instance, how important is taking that phone call right now? How about that text? Does it need to be response right now?

The email, do you need to send one back right away? Probably not. So understand what your priorities are. Attract those first. You can clean up the mess later.

And the third thing is focus on effectiveness, not efficiency. Again, you're not trying to make things perfect. Only seek to be efficient. After you've been effective, just take action.

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