Atlas, 2014 until now

What’s up guys! Greg Brock, Broker/Owner of Atlas Premier Realty. I’m coming to you today with some exciting news! Big changes are happening here and I can’t wait for what’s to come. So let’s start with a quick recap of how Atlas has gotten here!

I started in real estate in 2007 and worked at numerous large brokerages. I realized that every brokerage was missing a local touch in our market. I knew there was an opportunity to bring superior client experiences and to give back to our community. So in September 2014, I opened the doors to Atlas Premier Realty in a tiny office in Reisterstown. Thanks to my incredible friends, family and clients, Atlas started off extremely strong. Two years later, we had grown to 3 agents, one support staff and knew we were missing a piece to our puzzle. After months of great conversation, in December 2016, Nick Kellar, who was my mentor in real estate for the first 7 years of my career, decided to come on as my business partner. About a year later, we had acquired and renovated a BEAUTIFUL space here on Main St in Westminster. Our community greeted us with open arms and we have experienced steady growth since. We haven’t been without our hardships and failures...We over extended ourselves, we made some poor hiring decisions, we failed at leadership, we lost transactions, we lost clients. But we always stayed true to our mission and put giving back as a top priority. In return, we attracted some amazing people. And this is what has made Atlas so special. 

Now, Atlas is in the middle of an evolution. Because we have some of the best minds in real estate, we realized we have an opportunity for growth beyond what my original vision had entailed. Moving forward, I am handing over the CEO role for Atlas Premier Realty to Nick Kellar and our amazing team so they can take Atlas to it’s next evolution. This is going to free my bandwidth to be the broker for Atlas Premier Realty, continue to service my friends, family and their referrals, As well as, expand our sister companies, Atlas Development, Atlas Property Solutions and find new ways to bring value to our community.

I am extremely grateful and proud for all we have accomplished and so incredibly excited for what the future holds for Atlas and our community. 

Atlas started as a small real estate brokerage, but moving forward:

Atlas is a connection
Atlas is an opportunity

Atlas is a runway
Atlas is a chapter in your book. 

Thanks for all of your support so far and stay tuned for some more incredibly exciting news. 

- Greg Brock, Broker / Owner
Atlas Premier Realty

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