Culture and Why It's Important

Culture. What is it and why is it important to you, especially in a business setting? I think it's important to understand what culture is. There's a ton of definitions out there for it, but simply put, it's a way of life for a group of people in a business setting. That way of life is defined by three things. The first one being values, core values. And this is just a DNA, a code of how you treat one another, how you behave and how you act. Number two is purpose. So does your work take meaning outside of just punching in and punching out every day? And number three is mission. What direction is the company headed? And most importantly, do you have an opportunity to grow within that direction? Why is it important to you? Well, I think when you know these things, you can identify what cultures are going to be toxic and you should stay away from, and you don't have any opportunity in there's dead ends and what cultures you might be able to thrive and grow in, but most importantly, have a sense of stillness and peace because you have alignment with them and your work takes meaning.

So I think it's important to lead with culture and let everything else fall in line behind that.

- Nick Kellar, CEO, Atlas Premier Realty

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