Don’t Fall For These 9 Home-Buying Myths

Falling victim to these myths could cost you a lot on your home purchase.

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We’ve been talking to a lot of first-time and potential homebuyers lately and we’re surprised how often we hear them ask us about things they’ve heard about the process that simply aren’t true. Today we’re addressing nine such home-buying myths and showing you the truth behind them.

Feel free to follow along in the video above to see my message in its entirety, or use these timestamps to skip ahead to various sections at your leisure:

0:20 — “We’ll get a better deal working with the listing agent.”

1:21 — “Sellers have to fix the issues on the home inspection report.”

2:12 — “There’s no such thing as a perfect house.”

3:11 — “Online estimates are more accurate than a Realtor’s.”

3:47 — “Make a lowball offer, then negotiate up from there.”

4:42 — “The price can be negotiated after the inspection repairs.”

5:32 — “You can find a loan and get pre-approved after you start your home search.”

6:46 — “All lenders are basically the same.”

7:20 — “You can buy expensive items during the transaction.”

If you have questions for us about what we discussed in the video above or anything else related to real estate, don’t hesitate to reach out via phone or email. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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