Giving 100% Asking For Nothing Back

Let's talk about gratitude and giving back. It's one of the first things that comes up when I bump into people around town. "You guys are doing great. You're always giving back. You're doing stuff for people. That's so awesome."

Why is that so important to you guys? It's important to us because we feel like a truly great company shouldn't be measured for what they do and how much they profit but rather be measured in the impact they have. The impact they have with the people that work there and help provide the service and keep that business alive.

It's the impact they make with the clients and customers they serve and it's the impact they make in the surrounding community. We embody the 100/0 principal, which means giving 100% without expecting anything in return. See, if you give and expect something back, that's no longer giving out of gratitude, that's a trade. And if you give, expecting that favor to be returned down the line, that's not giving, that's keeping a tab. Remember, your legacy is going to be measured by the depth of your impact.

Be an inch wide and a mile deep. Kindness might not change the world, but it'll change someone's.

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