Positioning a Home That's Challenging to Sell

If your home isn’t selling, you may need to adjust your tactics.

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Though it may seem like everything’s selling incredibly quickly in today’s market, some homes are being left by the wayside. They may be in a less desirable area or have something stopping buyers from flocking to them, but there are ways to boost the popularity of these homes. Today we’ll be going over five tips that will help you sell a less desirable home:

1. Work with the right person: You want to find a professional who knows the area well and can give you direct, transparent advice. Someone who understands why your home is less desirable can help you create a plan for getting it sold.

2. Know your audience: Marketing can be a waste if you aren’t targeting the right people. Think about the demographics who might be interested in your property and market it to them.

3. Update your curb appeal: A good first impression is invaluable, and you can make one by sprucing up landscaping, planting flowers, and putting in fresh mulch.

"It’s entirely possible to sell less desirable homes, but you need a game plan."

4. Be realistic with your price: Often, there are things about your home that are simply out of your control. It may have an unusual floor plan, be in a less desirable area, or have a yard with difficult topography. Because you can’t change these things, you need to factor in how they affect your price.

5. Upgrade the interior: You can make simple upgrades like new backsplashes, countertops, kitchen renovations, paint, flooring, and other changes that provide a great return on investment. It can also be helpful to stage your home.

It’s entirely possible to sell less desirable homes, but you need a game plan. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, feel free to reach out to us. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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