Purpose and Why It Matters To You

So we've talked about culture. And the different components within it. Today, I wanted to unpack one of those, and that's purpose.

So if you think of culture - Like the human body, purpose would be the heartbeat. It's what makes the company tick. It's the why behind what they do - it should inspire. Now, why would somebody care about purpose? We all go to work to make money. I think that inherently great. People want to have meaningful work, especially when you spend so much time at work. So, for instance, Atlas, we were a real estate company. We help people buy and sell homes. But our purpose, which drives us, what drives our strategy, is we develop. We develop relationships, we develop experiences, we develop careers, and we develop the communities that we serve. It drives everything we do. It's important to you because if you want to be great at your job, you want to take it past just the work, and you want to provide meaning. You want to make sure that you're in alignment with a company that has a clear sense of purpose and direction. 

Nick Kellar, CEO, Atlas Premier Realty

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