Realtors, are you controlling the money that YOU earn?

Are you the type of agent that prefers YOU controlling the money that YOU earn?

Would you feel more comfortable in a simple compensation plan that offers total transparency and doesn't nickel & dime you?

Do you excel in an eco-system that's collaborative and family-like, but gives you space to be you?

If you've said 'yes' 3 times, then you deserve to learn more about what Atlas Premier Realty has to offer and why local highly regarded, hardworking agents like yourself have chosen Atlas as the place to grow their businesses. Preserving your hard-earned money is important, especially during volatile market conditions, and it shouldn't come at the sacrifice of a strong, collaborative culture that supports your growth while not taking more of your money.

Jacob Heiland, REALTOR®️ with Atlas Premier Realty has successfully closed over 100 transactions since joining Atlas Premier Realty. Recently he made the decision to switch to our Capper model. Here's why:

The capper model, to me, is obviously ideal. It gets me the opportunity to be completely independent. I can do whatever I want from marketing spend to lead spend to truly just soi based. It kind of gives me the opportunity again to just run my own business, do whatever I want.

But the nice thing is I have support that I can come in the office, talk with the other agents, bounce ideas off of them. But the nice thing is, as an agent, everyone wants to know, how much money am I keeping in my pocket? So if I can do more transactions, how do I keep more money? And the nice thing is that we have a true cap. So you have that 80 20, and then once you cap out, you keep 100% of your money, which has been really nice.

I also do some things with the admin fee. Now, I use my admin fee to pay for transaction management. That's a choice that I make to leverage my time a little bit more. But if you don't use transaction management, that's an additional income source for you. So there's just more flexibility, more options.

As a capper, I get to keep more money in my pocket, which is kind of what we're all looking for. But I also have that help and those extra resources if I need them.

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