The Importance of a Company's Mission

Alright, so we've been talking about vision and what comprises of it. We've talked about core values & Culture, we've talked about purpose. And now we're going to talk about the third component, which is mission. So if you remember, purpose is something that's never ending. It's the North Star.

It's the guiding light. It's perpetual. It's something you strive to be better at every day. It inspires. Mission is now something that's measurable.

You accomplish it. It forces you to think long term and drive strategy. It should galvanize and motivate. It pulls together the values. And the purpose of an organization gives a clear direction.

So for example, Atlas's purpose is to develop all we do. Develop relationships, develop experiences, develop careers, develop experiences, develop the communities that we're in and develop the people that are here. Our mission is 1000 x 50 across four in 2027. And to unpack that for you real quick, it's 1000 transactions, help 1000 people, 1000 families by 50 people, few too many across four locations by 2027. So it's date stamped and it's measurable.

Why that's important is because people can see that there's opportunity here. It puts the accountability on the organization to continue to develop its agents, to have the capacity to do more and help more. And it also puts the accountability on the company, the leaders within it, to continue to develop opportunities outside of just helping people buy and sell homes via other locations. So it's important to you because you want a company with a big mission so that you've can see opportunity for yourself within it.

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