5 Things Realtors should be doing during a shifting market

We have been putting a lot of content out talking about the importance of changing the conversation internally and externally because of the market challenges we are currently facing. So we wanted to dig deeper on what we can actually tangibly be doing to change that conversation into a changing marketplace.

Even if you’re closing deals consistently, it can go away very quickly in this industry.

 So we put together the top 5 things we are doing to navigate this shifting market and ensure we maintain a durable business:

  1. Stay alert, listen to and become students of the market, become the real estate economist expert to your tribe - how much time are you blocking to learn something and be able to regurgitate it to your database
  2. Be a list builder and pipeline mover - you should be spending time daily finding people to put in your database and move along your pipeline; continually add value 2-25-250
  3. Sharpen your positioning expertise and value proposition - everyone knows 2-3 real estate agents, why should people do business with you
  4. Sharpen your professional development skills, more deals will fall apart if you can’t anticipate, communicate, and find solutions
  5. Broaden your reach and get loud - everyone should hear you: clients (past and present), other agents, lenders, contractors, other professionals, your hair stylist, the other members in the PTA at your kid’s school, people at your gym…EVERYONE; get on camera

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Nick Kellar
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Atlas Premier Realty
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2018 Baltimore Real Producers Heart & Hustle Winner
2023 Baltimore Real Producers World Changer Nominee
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